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  • 27 January 2010
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    BA Ledger Reader’s Choice Awards

    Thanks to everyone who voted in the Broken Arrow Ledger’s “Reader’s Choice Awards”. The pharmacy won 3 awards – Favorite Pharmacist, 1st Place; Favorite Pharmacy, 2nd Place; Favorite Gifts, 2nd Place.

    I was awarded Broken Arrow’s “Favorite Pharmacist”. It’s a pretty humbling feeling knowing that folks like you on a personal level. And it says something about the state of chain pharmacy today when the Honorable Mention winners were “Walgreens” and “Wal-Mart”. You read that right – not pharmacists by name, but just by the store in which they work. I guess when you’re shoveling them out $4 at a time as fast as you can, they don’t care who you are.

    You might be wondering, who won Favorite Pharmacy? Well, it was Walgreens. I’m convinced that they won because folks couldn’t think of another name to put in the blank – but we’re working on that.

    I’ve got to give all credit for the Favorite Gifts placement to my wife Andi and our tech Jenn. They are both so creative, and they come up with the best of the best items for us to carry. If you haven’t seen our gift line (Ganz, Webkinz, and Leanin’ Tree), you need to come by. By the way, Favorite Gifts was won by Kay’s Gifts.

    Again, thanks for all the votes! And if your friends aren’t shopping here, send ’em our way!

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