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  • 27 January 2010
    General stuff
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    Welcome to the blog!

    Some friends have suggested that I start a blog on my website, thinking that I’ll have some witty things to say about the world around us. I guess this all started when I would make some sort of sarcastic remark on Facebook about something political, or some sort of funny news story. OK, I admit it – I make MANY sarcastic remarks on Facebook about political stuff or funny news stories.

    So, here I am, trying to come up with something worthwhile to say to those who visit my website. Guess what? It’s harder than it looks.

    I’ll simply start with this –

    I’m honored to know that you care enough about me or think enough about what I say that you find it worthwhile to click through to my website. I’ll try to make it worth your while. And if I don’t make it worthwhile, then you’re getting what you paid for.

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