Brother, can you spare a dime?

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  • 23 March 2010
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    Brother, can you spare a dime?

    Well, it’s here – Social Security, Medicare, Medicare Part D, and now ‘comprehensive healthcare reform’. Another in an ever-increasing list of ‘we want it, but can’t afford it’ propositions.

    I’ve already been accused (on numerous fronts) of not ‘caring’ for the less-fortunate, because I opposed the legislation. I’ve been asked, “Why don’t you just give any government money back?”, and “Do you want to just get rid of Social Security and Medicare?”

    I won’t insult the intelligence of my readers by going point-by-point in describing how the money for my own Social Security and Medicare coverage has been coming from MY OWN POCKET for years already (and it won’t be there when I get there). I would, though, like to point out to my readers that we’re broke.

    Yes, we’re broke. If you ran your house like the government runs its financial house, you would, at best, be bankrupt. At worst, you would be in jail.

    The things I point out today are things you don’t see prominently displayed in the news, but you should know. Talk to your friends about it. Talk to your KIDS about it. They’re going to be the ones left with this mess.

    First up, Social Security. I would bet that you didn’t hear earlier this month, Social Security started calling in its IOUs from the government. All that talk of a Social Security ‘trust fund’ or ‘lock box’ were fantasy. For all these years, Republicans and Democrats alike have been taking the money you paid in for Social Security, and they’ve been paying it out for whatever vote-buying program they saw most useful. And now, they have no money to pay the IOUs. So we have to borrow it. And pay interest on it. When we should have been paying interest to OURSELVES for years.

    This Social Security ‘trust fund’ is supposed to be completely depleted by 2037. Let’s face it, though – there is no money in the ‘fund’ to pay Social Security. If you’re under 50, it’s likely that you won’t see Social Security. Oh, you’ll be paying FOR Social Security, you just won’t be receiving it.

    Medicare isn’t in any better shape. Medicare A will be spending more money than it takes in by 2012, and will have spent all of the money in its ‘trust fund’ by 2017. Did you hear that? The Medicare Hospital Insurance Fund will be broke in 7 years.

    Medicare B and Medicare D won’t go broke unless YOU go broke. They are automatically funded by you, the taxpayer (and premium payer). Unfortunately, though, your premiums will be going up by at least 6% per year in order to keep up. And that’s if they stop doing the ‘Doc Fix’ – which they won’t. So that 6% will be a gross UNDERestimation of the increases you will pay.

    How about Medicaid? Over half of the states are cutting Medicaid services, even as more people join the rolls because of the economy. Not enough tax income plus too many people plus too many services equals going broke.

    And now, we have ObamaCare. An extra $250 for seniors in the coverage gap in part D in 2010. An additional 15 million people added to Medicaid rolls in all states. Increases in premiums are coming. Subsidies for families that earn up to $88,000 per year – EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS.

    And Obama’s budget estimates for the next 10 years will add almost $1 TRILLION to our debt EVERY YEAR. By 2020, our debt will equal 90% of what we actually make. We will pay almost $1 trillion IN INTEREST each year by then.

    And I have college kids arguing with me on Facebook that helping folks with their healthcare costs just a little more money.

    Yes, boys. It’s just a ‘little more money’, assuming you get to keep any of it at all.

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