The Buck Stops….um….have I told you about my golf game?

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  • 14 July 2010
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    The Buck Stops….um….have I told you about my golf game?

    Dear Mr. President,

    Things are kind of challenging right now, aren’t they? Your poll numbers are getting worse, it looks like your party may lose the House, and the economy is horrible.

    I understand that in between vacations and golf you are busy trying to fix things, but I have one request, if I may.

    Quit blaming everything on your predecessor, President Bush.

    You are constantly saying, to anyone who will listen, that you ‘inherited’ this mess.

    Mr. President, with all due respect, you didn’t ‘inherit’ this mess. YOU ASKED FOR THE JOB. You campaigned endlessly about how you and your party would be able to improve the situations of millions of Americans. You talked of ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Tomorrow would be a new day. The seas would stop rising, and the earth would stop warming.

    Most of us on the right saw through your façade. We knew that you had no leadership experience. You had no experience running a government agency at any level or even a small business. You made fun of an opponent because she had only run a small state as Governor, where you had run a successful campaign with a larger budget. Buying ads for your campaign is a little different than actually paying the help, isn’t it?

    You may not have realized it, but asking to lead the American economy is like buying a business, Mr. President. A number of us on the right understand that, because we’ve either bought or started businesses ourselves. And when you buy a business, you buy it with the expectation of improving it. You don’t blame your current difficulties on the previous owner of the business. YOU BOUGHT IT. You expected to improve it. Those who voted for you expected you to improve it as well. While I’m not a fan of having an inexperienced person learn on the fly – using my and my children’s and grandchildren’s money – you’ve got the job.

    And now you’ve discovered how hard it is to run a business. Your customers don’t like excuses. And the employees look to the leader for direction.

    While your base will support you come hell or high water, the rest of us are tired of your response being, “You should blame the last guy for the things happening today.”

    If you haven’t noticed, your excuse making has aggravated the situation. You see, when people see your predecessors say that sex isn’t sex, and people see you blame all problems on the other guy, your followers wonder why they should be responsible for anything. They’ve learned from their leaders that NOTHING is their fault. From single-mother pregnancies to mortgage defaults, excuses are the currency of today. We’ve gone from “The Buck Stops Here” to “SQUIRREL!”

    And so, Mr. President, I ask that you ‘man up’. You may not like it, but you own it. Your party has been in charge of the checkbook (the House and Senate) since 2006, and you started to lead in January, 2009. It’s been in your hands for 18 months, and we’re tired of hearing about the last guy. The buck doesn’t stop on his desk – it stops on yours.

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