3 Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

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  • 17 May 2013
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    3 Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

    At one point or another in life, everyone has struggled with sleeping well. An adequate night’s rest is important to the functionality of the body throughout the day. Those who have had to make it through the day without a good’s night rest are nodding ‘yes’ at this very moment.’ ‘Sleeper’s regret’ with not getting enough sleep or confused on how the body is still not rested although sleep did happen is typical. Although sleeping seems like an easy thing to do and we never had to learn how to sleep, learning how to sleep ‘well’ is important.  Here are 3 ways to ensure a good’s night sleep.

    Set a Bedtime

    Bedtimes are for adults too. Most tasks throughout the day require planning, and so does sleeping. Set a time that the head must hit the pillow. Along with this new bedtime, start getting ready for bed at a certain as well each and every night. It may be difficult to fall asleep the first few nights. Fully commit to the set time and push through the first few nights of lying in bed awake. Surely, the body will adapt to this new time and falling asleep will come easier more quickly.

    Natural Sun Light During the Day

    The natural sun light assures the contrast in the brain from day to night . This contrast significantly affects the brain’s functionality from staying awake to falling asleep. The sunlight produces serotonin which gives energy. Throughout the day, make an effort to get some sun. In the home or from the working office open the blinds and let the sun shine in.  As the sun sets, and it gets closer to bedtime, reverse the idea. Dim the lighting in the home and avoid lights as much as possible. For trips to the bathroom throughout the night, keep a dim night light in the bathroom. This helps protects the naturally produced melatonin which creates a mindset of ‘bed time.’

    Make the Bedroom a Sleep Only Zone

    The troubles of getting an adequate rest has been linked to the setting of a resting place. An issuance of  ‘sleep only zone’ mental sign to the bedroom door benefits sleep. Some ideas to execute this plan is removing all technology and finding  a relaxing aroma to fill the bedroom. As for the bed, make sure it is comfy and clean. Sleep is very important and an unreal portion of life is spent sleeping. It is okay to indulge in bedding that is comfortable. This comfort level is boosted by washing sheets in a laundry detergent that has a soothing scent and using fabric softener. Once you wake up, get out of the bed and reserve the bed solely for sleeping. This trains the body in adapting to the idea ‘getting in the bed means going to sleep.’  This will ensure your sleep regime.

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