Stop Smoking for Better Health

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  • 21 May 2013
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    Stop Smoking for Better Health

    Smoking has a negative affect on the body. It can ruin the defenses the body uses to produce antioxidants that fight off infections and in worse cases lead to the production of cancerous cells. Smoking a cigarette fills the body with toxins which directly affect organs. There are noticeable affects that show through the skin, hair, and teeth. These same abnormalities are occurring in the throat, lungs, and heart. Most internal damage is irreversible and has been seen to result in dysfunction, such as the loss of vocal chords. Some individuals are glad it never reached that point and people that have quit smoking consider it to be one of the best decisions that could be made within their lifetime. Here are 3 steps to quit smoking.

    1. Write Down Reasons for Smoking

    Why exactly do people choose to smoke? Surveys taken asking several hundred people about the reasons behind smoking resulted in smoking as fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. In actuality, it is psychological. Smoking releases an endorphin that leads to a more relaxed state. The positive effects are weighed as more important than its counter part. As the poor decision to disregard the negative effects of smoking continue, a dependency on smoking is developed and maintained. This continues until a decision is made to quit. There are numerous reasons to quit. Flip the list over and write down reasons to quit smoking. A good start for this list is physical health.

    2. Replace Smoking with Other Activities

    After a decision is made to quit, the urge to smoke will still prevalent. The next step is replacing smoking with another activity. This is why it is important to figure out the exact reason for smoking in the first place. If it is the endorphin, then exercising can satisfy this need. If it is for oral pleasure, then chewing gum or sunflower seeds has been successful among patients. If it is for relaxation, mediation could replace the urge to smoke as well.  The point is to have something ready to replace smoking with when the urge arises.

    3. Seek Accountability and Aides

    It is a good strategy to conquer smoking by seeking someone to help maintain accountability. The goal is to get someone is capable of monitoring the progress of the decision made to quit smoking. Also, by using an anti-smoking agent, the urgency to smoke cigarettes is decreased. It may be hard to quit cold turkey without any physical aide.  There are medication for smoking cessation that come in a variety of forms at Broken Arrow Family Drug store. There are also organizations that give incentives for smokers that decide to quit smoking. The chances of quitting are higher if there is accountability and aids to make it easier.

    Visit us today at Broken Arrow Family Drug and ask a pharmacist about the best method to stop smoking that fits your lifestyle.


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