It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore (Why Adults Should Spend More Time Outdoors)

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  • 31 October 2013
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    It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore (Why Adults Should Spend More Time Outdoors)

    People spend more time indoors than ever before. It shouldn’t be that surprising because much of the technology we have requires us to be indoors to use it. Kids today are growing up with video games, internet, social media and mobile phone devices. As for adults, more of the jobs available today are in the technological field. This means more adults are working indoors on the computer rather than outside doing manual labor. Both adults and kids need to spend more time outside because it is not good for their bodies to be sitting down indoors all day. The most obvious reason for needing to get outside is to do more exercise. Kids certainly need to run around and be more active. Adults can also be active by mowing their lawns or jogging around the block. It is even more critical for adults to be outside than kids because adults have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke if they remain inactive. Not only that, the human skin needs to absorb Vitamin D from the sun to stay healthy. If you are inside all the time, then your skin will turn milk white and that will cause damage to it overtime.  You don’t have to get a beach tan.  Just as little as 15 minutes a day outside will be sufficient enough for your skin.

    Another big reason adults should go outside more is to encourage their kids to go outside as well. Kids tend to copy the habits of their parents because they are their role models.  So, if their parents are inside watching television all the time, their kids will likely pick up those same habits. Then they will turn into adults with those same bad habits and the cycle will continue from there when they have kids of their own. If an adult just goes for a walk around the neighborhood at least once a day, they can take their kids and get them used to being outside more often.  Their kids will get to a point where they are begging their parents to go outside instead of staying inside. Parents often forget that little actions like these can make a world of difference in their child’s mental growth and development. Human beings were not meant to be indoor creatures. We evolved from the outside world and that is where we are supposed to be. If we stay inside then our bodies tend to feel slow and sluggish because its nature’s way of saying that we need to move ourselves more.

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