How to make your kids like the Dentist!

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  • 17 February 2014
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    How to make your kids like the Dentist!



    When it comes to dental health, we adults often focus on our own precious pearly whites, but we may overlook the needs of our children’s teeth. As any parent knows, getting a look into the mouth of a child is no easy feat! And, we may not even know what to look for. Unfortunately, as adults well know, we often only discover our teeth need care when we wind up at the dentist’s office from complaints of toothaches. The same is true for children. We all want to keep our teeth and gums strong and clean but it’s especially important for children to keep their teeth healthy during their important formative years. That is why each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors a National Children’s Dental Health Month, the goal of which is to raise awareness about the importance of oral health in regards to children, but also to instill the importance of preventative care.

    No one likes visiting the dentist, least of all children. No matter how friendly the dentist, a dentist’s office is an intimidating place, especially when the tools come out! Of course we want to keep our children from needing dental procedures, but part of the preventative care regime actually entails more frequent and routine check-up visits to the dentist. This is why prevention of teeth and mouth issues is should entice you. Building in preventative habits into your everyday life means that all family members, young and old, can avoid the unpleasant trips to the dentist’s office and keep the visits short and sweet!  Happy visits to the dentist’s office means your children won’t be intimidated any longer on the day of the appointment — all they’ll think of is the stickers and gum at the end of the trip! – which means parents are happier too! Good habits also have the added bonus of making healthcare more affordable. All of that preventative care adds up to money saved in your pocket!

    If you’re wondering how you and your family can practice preventative health care at home, it’s quick and easy to begin! Just follow these three steps to strengthen your teeth and greatly reduce the occurrence of cavities and other tooth decay problems.

    Step 1: Using about 6 inches of dental floss, gently ease the floss thread down in between your child’s teeth and work any miscellaneous food out. You can also thread the floss around each tooth and then gently scrape plaque off from the gums to the top of the tooth.

    Step 2: Help your child learn to put a dab of toothpaste about the size of a pea on his or her toothbrush. Using a small circular motion, help the child brush for about two to three minutes. The toothbrush should be at a slight angle while you’re brushing – about 45 degrees from the teeth. Be sure to brush the backs or insides of the teeth, and even your child’s tongue! Encourage your child to learn these motions him/herself. Set a routine for brushing as a family at least twice a day.

    Step 3: Schedule your six-month dental check-up with your preferred dentist today!

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