7 Ways to keep minimize Allergy Symptoms in Broken Arrow

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  • 24 February 2014
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    7 Ways to keep minimize Allergy Symptoms in Broken Arrow

    Seasonal Allergies woman sneezing

    The end of winter is upon us, and spring and all its glories is near. We’re all cheering it on, looking forward to the warmer weather, taking our exercise regime out of doors again, and for the trees and bushes to begin sprouting their colorful blooms. But of course, as many of us know all too familiarly, the myriad highlights of the Spring season can sometimes be outshadowed by a single, seasonal nemesis: Seasonal Allergies.

    Over 35 million Americans experience seasonal allergy symptoms each year.  For many sufferers, seasonal allergies can attack as early as February (Though we’re still piling on the layers to go outside, we’re already grappling with the symptoms!), thanks to the thawing ground and slight rise in temperature and the subsequent release of  pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes it way into the air. As Spring sets in for good, temperatures rise, plants begin fertilizing in earnest and the pollens become abundant in the air that we breathe. The result of breathing these pollens, for allergy sufferers, can include any of the following: Runny Nose, Nasal Congestion, Post Nasal Drip, Itching in the Eustachian tubes, Watering Eyes, Dry and Irritated Eyes, Fatigue, Aches and Pains, even Fever!

    Of course, we here at Broken Arrow Family Drug offer a range of affordable, effective over-the-counter medications for seasonal allergies. If you’ve begun to feel even the slightest of symptoms, you may wan to pop in and get started on an allergy medication. The sooner the better, to avoid all of the nastiness described above!

    In the meantime, here are some recommended steps to help you reduce your allergy suffering:

    – Check your weather station (either on the internet or TV) for pollen counts

    – Keep doors and windows closed

    – Avoid outdoor activity, especially in the early morning when pollen counts are the highest

    – Find another family member to do the lawn and grass work, where allergens are heavy!

    – When you’ve been outside, upon coming inside, remove all clothing, wash and launder it, and shower to rinse pollens from skin and hair

    – Don’t hang-dry your laundry, pollens can stick to your sheets and towels.

    – Wear a dust mask if you do have to do outside chores.

    Of course, even after taking these precautionary measures, you may still feel the wrath of seasonal allergies. Why suffer longer? Stop in to see one our friendly staff here at Broken Arrow Family Drug and we will help you find the allergy medicine that best suits your needs and lifestyle!

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