6 Ways to Improve your Nutrition Quickly

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  • 3 March 2014
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    6 Ways to Improve your Nutrition Quickly

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    March is National Nutrition Awareness month, and for good reason.On one end of the Health + Fitness scale, there are those who maintain a committed routine of exercising between five and seven days a week, eat natural foods, usually produced locally, and seek alternative therapies to their medical issues. On the other end of the scale are those who live a very sedentary life, don’t exercise at all, eat junk food, fast food, and only highly processed foods high in chemicals and artificial flavors. But between these two extremes lies the “Average Joe,” the man or woman who falls somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. People like you and me, who, in an ideal world, would exercise five times a week, but often only manage two or three times a week once “life gets in the way.” People like you and me who would like to eat more healthy food, but often feel rushed for time and default to quicker, cheaper food, which happens to be much less healthy.

    No matter how much intention we have towards eating healthy and keeping ourselves fit, “real life” can often make that difficult.

    Here are six ways to quickly and promptly make yourself healthier, without making any major changes.

    1. In order to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, add an apple or banana to each meal. If you bring your lunch to work, leave the chips at home and stuff your lunch with fruits. Even better, choose fruits that are in season. On your meal plate, make sure that half of the plate is vegetables.

    2. Swap the processed peanut butter for all natural Almond Butters. Processed peanut butter often contains a large amount of added sugar. Additionally, peanuts just aren’t that good for you. Almonds, however, are loaded with benefits. Almonds can help keep your system free from Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and help lower LDL Cholesterol. You don’t have to seek out a specialty store for Almond Butter anymore; many regular groceries now carry pre-packaged Almond Butter on the shelves. The best option, however, is to find a store that allows you to grind your own on site!

    3. When dining out, pay attention to the menu’s “Key” system. Most chain restaurants now employ a series of small logos to indicate low-calorie, healthier options on the menu. Also, be careful when ordering vegetables as a side dish. If you don’t take the time to ask, the vegetables may come fried, or drenched in butter. To ensure that you get healthy vegetables, simply ask for steamed veggies, no butter when you order.

    4. Cut out the bad red meat. Mass-produced factory meat can often contain large amounts of Saturated fat, which has been linked to colon cancer and heart disease. If you’re looking for red meat, keep in mind that the cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. The fatter the cut, the worse it is for you.

    5.  Add more good red meat. Alternatively to factory farm meat, locally raised, high quality red meat has many benefits. Red meat is, of course, very high in protein. Red meat is also high in iron, something many teenage girls and women in their childbearing years are lacking. Calorie for calorie, red meat is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat, so just make sure it is high quality.

    6. Read the labels on your food. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, it’s artificial, and it isn’t healthy. Artificial additives, flavors and fillers create the temporary sensation of fullness in the system, but don’t actually give your body the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. That “full” sensation wears off very quickly from processed food and leaves you hungrier, sooner, without ever giving your body the nutrients it is craving.



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