Broken Arrow Pride student account program


Broken Arrow Pride Student Account Program

Support your Pride member!

Looking for a way to contribute to your Pride student’s account without lots of effort? Let Broken Arrow Family Drug make the donation for you!

Broken Arrow Pride

Our Pride donation program is simple – for every new or transferred prescription you fill at our store between August 12th and November 7th, 2015, we will donate $5 to your Pride student’s account. Each time you refill that same prescription before November 7th, 2015, we will donate another $5 to your student’s account.

All you have to do is tell us the name of the Pride member to whom the donation should go. There is NO LIMIT to the number of people who can donate to your student’s account. Aunts and uncles, grandparents, neighbors and friends may donate to YOUR student’s account. No health information is shared – money is simply donated to your student’s account for each prescription filled.

Broken Arrow Family Drug accepts all major insurance plans! We also service all local nursing homes and assisted-living centers, and offer free delivery. Pay money into your student’s account by simply doing what you already do every month – filling your prescriptions!

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