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  • 25 February 2013
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    The high cost of mail order waste

    As an addition to my video blog, I wanted to give you some specific numbers about the expenses incurred on these prescriptions by the mail order pharmacies. I’m sure some will question my numbers, so I wanted to tell you … Continue reading

    14 November 2011
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    Pride of Broken Arrow Championship story links

    Indianapolis Star final report KRMG local report Tulsa World final report News on 6 interview Davis/Stephens Nov. 14 News on 6 semis News on 6 prelims BA Schools announcement A Champion’s Welcome BA Ledger KTUL story KJRH story BA Ledger … Continue reading

    10 June 2011
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    27 July 2010
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    The 800-pound gorilla about prescription errors

    Last night, a local television station (who “works for YOU!”) presented a story about prescription errors. The Executive Director of the Board of Pharmacy does a nice job of giving stock answers about the ‘causes’ of prescription errors – handwriting, … Continue reading

    30 March 2010
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    Unintended consequences

    As Congress was going through the process of negotiating the new healthcare law, Nancy Pelosi famously said………. Now that the fog has lifted, folks are finding out what is in the bill – and people on both sides of the … Continue reading