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  • 30 March 2010
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    Unintended consequences

    As Congress was going through the process of negotiating the new healthcare law, Nancy Pelosi famously said………. Now that the fog has lifted, folks are finding out what is in the bill – and people on both sides of the … Continue reading

    23 March 2010
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    Brother, can you spare a dime?

    Well, it’s here – Social Security, Medicare, Medicare Part D, and now ‘comprehensive healthcare reform’. Another in an ever-increasing list of ‘we want it, but can’t afford it’ propositions. I’ve already been accused (on numerous fronts) of not ‘caring’ for … Continue reading

    22 March 2010
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    What’s the hold up with Obamacare?

    This is really the first time I’ve delved into straight politics on my blog. There are some reasons for that, but primarily it’s because it is difficult to discuss politics at length without the reader getting bleary-eyed (or worse yet, … Continue reading

    16 March 2010
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    A pre-existing dilemma

    Imagine the following scenario – For years, you’ve faithfully paid your auto insurance. You have policies for liability, comp and collision, and uninsured motorist. It’s expensive, but you need your car to get back and forth to work, and you … Continue reading

    4 March 2010
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    Happy anniversary to us!

    On Monday, March 1, we celebrated 10 years in business. Actually, we opened on Leap Year Day (February 29), 2000. There wasn’t any fanfare to the anniversary – as a matter of fact, I would have forgotten all about it … Continue reading