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  • 14 July 2010
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    The Buck Stops….um….have I told you about my golf game?

    Dear Mr. President, Things are kind of challenging right now, aren’t they? Your poll numbers are getting worse, it looks like your party may lose the House, and the economy is horrible. I understand that in between vacations and golf … Continue reading

    10 June 2010
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    In our practice, we send refill requests to doctors’ offices on a continual basis. Many of you in the civilian world may believe that the pharmacy just picks up the phone and calls the office, a nurse (or the doctor … Continue reading

    25 May 2010
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    Can I get some answers, please?

    Just some random questions that have come to mind in the past few days. 1. Can I get a definition on ‘poor’, ‘middle class’, and ‘rich’, please? I continue to hear about ‘tax cuts for the rich’, ‘disproportionately affecting the … Continue reading

    11 May 2010
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    The not-so-secret secret

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I were in the local Olive Garden having dinner. The young man waiting on us noticed that my shirt had the logo of our pharmacy. He asked whether we worked for the pharmacy, … Continue reading

    22 April 2010
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    Welcome to government regulation, contractors!

    Dear Contractors, As you already know, the government has decided that they need to place a new mandate on you regarding how to handle remodeling homes that were built before 1978. It seems that fears of possible lead contamination in … Continue reading