About Us

Broken Arrow Family Drug pharmacy is well-known for its friendly staff and outstanding customer service. Patients are more like family, and new patients are amazed at our staff’s ability to recognize and acknowledge them by name.

Our Pharmacists

Todd Pendergraft


Heather Burris


Broken Arrow Family Drug provides the same services available in the chain stores, including insurance billing. A covered, two-lane drive-thru is also available.

Our store provides many services not found in the chain stores, such as free delivery, bubble packing of medications, and charge accounts for patients in nursing homes and long-term care centers. Broken Arrow Family Drug has become known for carrying unusual items not found in the chain stores, such as specialty first-aid supplies, durable medical equipment, bathtub railings, orthopedic braces, compression stockings rehabilitation supplies and more. Our pharmacy also offers crutches, walkers and wheelchairs for rental.