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[citem title=”Do you deliver, and how much do you charge for it?” id=”citem_62″ parent=”collapse_70″]We offer free delivery in Broken Arrow every weekday afternoon. No weekend deliveries.[/citem]
[citem title=”Do you take my insurance?” id=”citem_46″ parent=”collapse_70″]We accept all major insurances.[/citem]
[citem title=”What is the process to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?” id=”citem_31″ parent=”collapse_70″]Bring us your bottles or call us with your prescription numbers. We call your old pharmacy or your doctor (if necessary), and transfer the prescriptions to our store.[/citem]
[citem title=”Will my copay be the same at your store?” id=”citem_63″ parent=”collapse_70″]Yes, most of the time the copay is the same.[/citem]
[citem title=”Can you notify me when my prescriptions are ready?” id=”citem_64″ parent=”collapse_70″]We offer text and email notifications when prescriptions are filled.[/citem]
[citem title=”Do you carry specialty items and medical equipment?” id=”citem_65″ parent=”collapse_70″]We carry a wide variety of medical equipment and specialty items. Special order items are available as well, usually next-day.[/citem]
[citem title=”Do you price match or have an in-house discount plan?” id=”citem_66″ parent=”collapse_70″]For uninsured patients, we have the RxAdvantage Discount Plan. In most cases, this plan will provide lower prices than a pharmacy’s cash pricing. There is no charge to participate in this plan, and unlike other discount cards, we do not sell your personal information or charge you hidden fees.[/citem]
[citem title=”How long have you been in business?” id=”citem_67″ parent=”collapse_70″]Our first location opened in February 2000, and our second location opened in December 2012.[/citem]
[citem title=”Can you access prescriptions from either location?” id=”citem_68″ parent=”collapse_70″]Yes, we can access information at either location. Just as with any other chain pharmacy, your prescription can only be in one physical location at any given time. If you wish to fill the prescription at a different location, the prescription must be transferred.[/citem]
[citem title=”How long do you take to fill prescriptions?” id=”citem_69″ parent=”collapse_70″]Most of the time, 10 minutes or less. If you are a new patient, it may take longer while we set up your profile.[/citem][/collapse]