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Med Sync

Medication synchronization (Med Sync) is the process of coordinating all of your prescriptions to fall due and be picked up at the same time.

When a patient’s prescriptions are synchronized, it is more convenient for the patient, and is shown to help patients remember to take their medications regularly.

We work with you to find your most convenient day to fill your medications.

Some patients prefer to fill all of their prescriptions near payday.

Others prefer filling late in the month, based on their budget.

We will call you 1 week before your prescriptions are due, and check with you if there have been any changes to your medication regimen.

We then review the prescriptions to see if any of your prescriptions required physician approval (if you are out of refills).  Any prescriptions requiring approval are sent to the doctor at this time.  This gives the physician a week to respond before you are out of medication.

Before your synchronization day, we review the prescriptions to see if any need to be special ordered, and we place the order to ensure we have the medication when needed.

On your synchronization day, we process your prescriptions in the morning to have them ready for delivery or pick up.

Medication synchronization saves you time every month! 

Ask our staff about it today.

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