Staying Healthy During Allergy Season

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  • 25 April 2013
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    Staying Healthy During Allergy Season

    Allergy season is back, and bigger than ever. More sufferers experience relentless symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and ears. We use countless boxes of tissues and we go throughout the day with the fear of breathing in too deeply. We take our kids to the park with the fear of the grass upsetting their allergies. There are ways to help manage allergies during allergy season. In 3 words:

    There is relief

    Here are 4 ways to stay healthy during allergy season:

    Breathing through your nose

    Experts recommend learning how to breathe through your nose this allergy season. When breathing through the nose, the air is filtered through the nostrils. This makes the air more debris-free upon reaching the lungs. Altogether, you should inhale through your nose filling your lungs with fresh air. Then, breathe out through your nose. Therefore, the initial reflex is to breathe back in through the nose, and no longer subconsciously thinking about using the mouth. Instead, you only use your nose to breathe. During allergy season, mastering this breathing technique is very useful in battling against allergies.

    Nasal Spray

    Aforementioned, breathing through the nose is important. The nose could use some help in aiding with allergy relief. You can aid the nostrils by using a nasal saline spray. On days with an abundance of debris throughout the air, prepare ahead of time by using a nasal spray before the day begins. In addition to medicating your nose first, pay attention to how your nose is feeling. We offer different nasal sprays for different needs.  For example, some customers experience dry nasal passage ways and could benefit from a lubricated nasal spray. Other customers experience nasal drip, and could greater benefit from a “no drip” nasal spray. There is also an availability of oral allergy medicines. Some are over-the-counter and others are prescription medications.

    Regular exercise

    Exercise strengthens the body, and that is not all exercise accomplishes. Exercising also strengthens the lungs to endure strenuous activity like breathing during allergy season. Exercising outside may be tempting, but when exercising, breathing is deeper and at a faster tempo due to an elevated heart rate. On days where the pollen levels are high, choose an indoor exercise. Also, the technique of breathing through your nose should be practiced, especially while exercising outdoors.

    Hand washing

    The washing of your hands rids your hands of germs. These germs are collected by the unavoidable touching of surfaces. Studies show that washing your hands can also help with controlling allergies. Have you ever touched your eyes, and following your eyes instantly become watery and itchy? Perhaps something your hands have been exposed to has triggered an allergic reaction. It could have been a furry pet, wool, or grass. Regardless of which allergen is causing the symptoms, washing your hands can help eliminate the risk of experiencing allergies symptoms. If unable to wash your hands, the trick is to keep a bottle of water and hand sanitizer, literally, on hand. Then, the alternative of rinsing your hands and applying hand sanitizer is available.


    Everything mentioned to help with your allergies can be found at your very own BA Family Drug Store. Follow our How To Guide to keep your family’s allergies under control this season!

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